Nova Scotia-Provincial Nomination Program 2019

This is the finest of the Provincial Nominee Program of Canada. In Nova Scotia the life is fascinating, with security in life, family and economy. Nova Scotia is a diverse society, where everyone has the opportunity to build a better life for own and be part of the prosperous community. Nova Scotia is located in the south-eastern coast of the Canadian island.

This country is in fact, the hub of various service sector, health care and education. Nova Scotia is a fascinating place, with a huge diversity in the length and breadth. In the Latin translation the name Nova Scotia means "New Scotland". The official language is English. The Chinese, Arab and the Blacks form the dominating population in Nova Scotia. 

What is Nova Scotia PNP Program 2018?

NS NP (Nova Scotia Nominee Program) is the fastest way to move into the province. The candidates who want to have PR in Nova Scotia, can go through the nomination process. This program offers a great opportunity to live and work for those desiring to live in Nova Scotia.

Here is the list of programs to migrate to Nova Scotia:

·        Nova Scotia  Demand: Express Entry Stream

·        Nova Scotia  Experience : Express Entry Stream

·        Skilled Worker Stream

·        Entrepreneur

·        International Graduate Entrepreneur stream

Nova Scotia PNP 2018 Eligibility Criteria

Below is the list of criteria for applying to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program:

Ø Your occupation should be in Demand.

Ø The age should be 18-49 years

Ø Language proficiency (IELTS or CLB) should be of minimum score.

Ø One year work experience of the obtained education.

Ø Should have a qualification diploma/certificate equivalent to Canadian Education system.

Ø Should show an interest to live and grow economically established in the province.

Nova Scotia PNP Point System

You should have the minimum score of 60 out of 100 on the Nova Scotia assessment grid, to apply for NSNP. The factors which are used in the assessment grid are the age, language proficiency, educational qualification, work experience and adaptabilities.

Get your points checked, to migrate to Canada.

Nova Scotia Express Entry Opened and Paused on Same Day, Likely to Open Soon

It was opened on November 17th. Candidates with skill can apply for Canada PR through the Nova Scotia PNP category B. This was primarily opened for the migrants to apply for NSPN; however the government stopped the application due to technical error. Get more updates on the same.

The Express Entry was launched in 2015, and since then, Nova Scotia entered into the Express entry system for the first time. Nova Scotia PNP program "Express Entry Demand" is to reopen soon. The NOVA SCOTIA NP will soon get the new applicants for skilled workers abroad. NOVA SCOTIA NP is the primary program for the territory of Nova Scotia.

Over 56,000 immigrants have been sought by the Canadian government through different PNP programs. Most of the candidates migrate through the Express Entry Program of PNP. Get to know more about the PNP program. 

Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry Program 2018

Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry: Nova Scotia does also selects the candidates from the Federal Government program Express entry. Under this program only the highly skilled and professional individuals with the requisite qualification have their place. For other candidates to avail this program, they need to be nominated by the Express Entry Program.

There are two categories under the Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry are:

Category 1:

Under this category applies for secured Employment in Nova Scotia. A candidate who has an offer for full-time job from a Canadian employer, under this category may apply for Express Entry.

Category 2:

The candidates, who have paid work experience for 1 year full-time job, can apply for Express Entry under this category.

Even without job offer, you can apply for Nova Scotia Canada immigration in various other ways.

Nova Scotia PNP Guide

Here is a guide about the Nova Scotia PNP. All you need to be aware of certain facts and points before applying for NSNP.

Required Level of Approval

Level 1:

Submission of Application, to Nova Scotia Nominee Program, Skilled Worker Stream/Express entry/ international graduate.

Level 2:

This is for the application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for PR visa.

When should you not apply?

Ø You shouldn't apply under following conditions:

Ø If you are a applicant under Humanitarian and compassionate grounds, or a refugee claimant or a failed refugee claimant.

Ø If you are not legally present in your current residential country.

Ø If you are already in Canada illegally and under removal order, or if you are prohibited from entering and being in Canada.

Ø If you do not have any status, and are not eligible to apply unless and until the status is restored.

Ø If you are an international student and currently studying at a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Ø If your job is not based in Nova Scotia.

Required Language Proficiency:

The primary requirement of the NSNP is a proof of language proficiency. If you are an aspiring candidate, you must clear IELTS with 6 or should score at least 7 in CLB, to get the approval. To know the details speak with the language representatives.

Application and Assessment Process:

You can submit your application to the NSNP, once you and the employer have maintained the eligibility criteria. The process is as follows:

Ø The primary applicant should prepare an application.

Ø The employer needs to prepare an employer form.

Ø Submit your application either by post or online to the Nova Scotia government.

What is the Nova Scotia PNP processing time?

The evaluation of the profile after the submission is made by the Nova Scotia government. They make decisions on the candidates who are nominated. The decision depends on the officials. The normal time for the processing is 3 or 4 months, but the time differs according to one's profile. With the selection of the profile, one ought to apply within 6 months time.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee program in-demand Occupation list

 There are a large number of choices for occupation in Nova Scotia. With one year of experience in the occupations makes it eligible for you to apply for Nova Scotia Nominee Program.

Find the occupations along with the NOC and Skills:

Sr. No.           Occupation List-     NOC   -Skills

1          Financial auditors and accountants      1111  A

2          Other financial officers     1114  A

3          Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations          1123  A

4          Administrative assistants 1241  B

5          Accounting and related clerks    1311  B

6          Civil engineers         2131  A

7          Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses           3012  A

8          Licensed practical nurses 3233  B

9          College and other vocational instructors        4021  A

10       Paralegal and related occupations        4211  B

11       Social and community service workers           4212  B

Nova Scotia PNP without Job Offer

The Regional Market Stream, introduced by the Nova Scotia government, requires no job offer in order to apply for NSNP. The primary objective of this program is to enable those candidates, who do not have the requirement from the labor market, but still showing the desire live and grown in Nova Scotia. 

You can apply under this program for NSNP, if you do not have a job offer and still have the desire to migrate in Canada. However, you need to meet the following requirements:

Ø Should have at least 2 years of full-time work experience within 5 years in the skill intended to apply in Nova Scotia .

Ø Should have a degree or diploma or certificate from recognized post-secondary educational institution.

Ø Should have intentions to live in Nova Scotia permanently.

Ø Should have completed the Employment and Settlement Plan.

Ø Must a passport or travel document of the country legally residing.

Ø The age should be between 18 and 49 years.

Ø Should have minimum language standard of CLB to 7.

Ø Should have funds to settle in Nova Scotia.

Ø The occupation should be under the National Occupational Classifications, of A,B or O. The occupation should be in good demand.

Apply for Nova Scotia PNP program 2018


If you have obtained the eligibility criteria, you can apply for Nova Scotia Nominee Program. All the relevant documents ought to be submitted while applying. Make Immigration Centre you choice to make the processing faster and without hassle. The experts will help you with all the assistance, with regards to the documentation on your behalf. We promise you the best of our service.

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