What is Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)?

Manitoba provincial nominee program is the fastest and the easiest way to settle in Canada Manitoba permanently. The land is beautiful and is the prairie provinces of Canada. The immigrants find opportunity in Canada. The development, its life style and the growing economy welcomes the immigrants into the province.

Known for its vast cultural acceptance, Manitoba is surrounded by the other provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan and a territory of Nunavut. Manitoba is a tourist hub. There atmospheric conditions are extreme continental. In the provinces of Manitoba the polar bears are common. Along with the 200 other languages spoken, English is the official language.

Under the following categories the immigrants find their way through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program (MPNP):

Ø Skilled worker immigration stream

Ø Business immigration stream

Ø Modern community driven immigration initiative (through MPNP).

Apply Manitoba Skilled Worker Immigration Stream

On the basis of the requirement under this category, a candidate can apply for skilled worker immigration stream. Workers with highly qualified skilled work can apply under this stream.

This program is based on the point system, which takes into consideration of age, qualification, work experiences, language proficiency etc.

Manitoba PNP eligibility/ Requirements

A candidate should meet the minimum requirements to immigrate in Manitoba through overseas skilled worker and has to meet the following conditions:

Ø Should obtain minimum score of 60 out of 100 in the MPNP assessment grid.

Ø The candidate should provide sufficient document relating to residency in Manitoba.

Ø Should have at least 2 years of experience in the related job.

Ø Should provide a settlement plan detailing a genuine interest to become a permanent resident of Manitoba.

Ø The candidate should provide a General training IELTS test score.  The test should be included within the time period of 2 years. The total score should be at least 4.5.

You can now apply for immigration to Manitoba Canada without a job offer in hand. Get to know about the immigration method through which immigration is possible without offer letter. Get in touch with the immigration expert today.

NOTE: Manitoba offers opportunity for those who do not have job offer, but has a relative in Manitoba. MPNP supports the following relations:

Ø Mother

Ø Father

Ø Sister

Ø Brother

Ø Grandmother

Ø Grandfather

Ø Niece or nephew

Ø Aunt or uncle

Ø First cousin

Ø Other relative

Ø Close friend

Manitoba PNP language Requirements:

One of the basic requirements for MPNP is its language proficiency. An aspiring candidate should have at least 4.5 score in the IELTS, or CLB 4. The time limit for this test should be within two years. Get in touch with the experts to know the detail about the language requirements.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Document checklist

In any immigration program, Documentation is one of the most important part of all. Inadequacy of documentation will result in the delay or even cancellation.  Get your documents well arranged. Find the list of documents you need to carry, as listed below:

Ø Identity proof authorized by any government body.

Ø Educational certificate, diploma or degree

Ø Marriage certificates

Ø Dependent children information certificates.

Ø Valid passport and traveling related documents

Ø Evidence of language proficiency (English or French)

Ø Employment experience information

Ø Funds to settle in Manitoba

Ø Police and health clearance certificate.

These documents are to be signed by you or by the authorized person. It is recommended to have multiple copies of each document.

Manitoba PNP Program Processing Time

The processing time for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is 4 months. However the whole process take 12 to 15 months, which is inclusive of the Manitoba PNP and the Federal part. The process is conducted under the citizenship and immigration Canada office, along with a bilateral agreement program between the government of the province of Manitoba and the government of Canada.  You will receive the Canadian PR status, after the approval of the application. The whole process take around 20 months.

Manitoba PNP Express Entry

To get the permanent residency status in Manitoba through Express entry, there are few different programs available for this. Manitoba PNP is the most popular and effective program for obtaining the PR. In partnership with the citizenship and Immigration Canada, and the government of Manitoba, they aim to select the skilled workers who can join in Manitoba workforce and be contributive to the economy of the Manitoba.

Manitoba Point System Calculator

A candidate has to obtain at least 60 scores out of 100. Below is the points system for MPNP.


 Assessment factor


Ranking points

Factor 1: language Proficiency


Fist official language


CLB 8 or higher

25 per band


22 per band


20 per band


17 per band


12 per band

CLB 3 or lower




Second official language


CLB 5 or higher


Maximum Points –Factor 1




Factor 2: Age








21 to 45










50 or older


Maximum Points- Factor 2




Factor-3 Work Experience


Less than 1 year


1 year


2 year


3 year


4 years or more


Fully recognized by provincial

Licensing body


Maximum Points- Factor 3




Factor 4: Education


Master’s degree or doctorate


2 post-secondary program of 2 years each


1 post-secondary program of 3 year or more


1 post- secondary program of 2 years


1 year post secondary program


Trade certificate


No formal post secondary



Maximum Points- Factor 4




Factor 5: Adaptability




Close relative in Manitoba


Pervious work experience in Manitoba- 6 months or more


Complete post-secondary program in Manitoba- 2 years or more


Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba- 1 year


Close friend or distant relative in Manitoba





Manitoba Demand


Ongoing employment in Manitoba for 6 months or more with long-term job offer from the same employer


Invitation to apply under a strategic initiative




Regional Development


Immigration destination in Manitoba in outside of Winnipeg


Maximum points- Factor 5




Factor 6: Risk Assessment


Close relative in another province and no close relative in MB


Work experience in another province


Studies in another province


Pervious immigration application to another province


Maximum Points- Factor 6




Maximum overall points




Apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Start the process of immigration by finding the right category to Manitoba. After you have maintained the eligibility criteria, you should take your steps for your dream destination.

This you can start by filling the “Free Assessment Form”. Our immigration expert will contact you and assist you with the process, along with the best program for you.

Get your documents submitted to the Manitoba government. Immigration Centre will make sure that all the documents are in accordance with the current updates, and help you fulfill the essentials of CIC.

Find the steps to apply for Manitoba PNP:

Ø Fill the “Free Assessment Form”.

Ø Get counseling from one of your expert.

Ø Find the right program for you.

Ø Start your MPNP process.

Ø Immigration Centre will submit the application to the Manitoba government.

Ø Get your nomination by the province.

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