Family sponsorship program

The family sponsorship program is designed to enable the Canadian citizens or the permanent residents to sponsor relatives who will over the process will become themselves permanent residents and can live and work and study in Alberta permanently. The government of Canada runs this program.

Who can you apply?

·        Must be Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

·        Should be 18 year or older to sponsor.

·        The relative should pass medical, criminal and background checks.

·        Should be able to provide basic needs for self and the family.

·        Should be self-supportive financially, without having to depend on the government for help.

Canada Family Sponsorship

The Canada government has designed this program to get your family staying in your home country, to be with you. You must be able to support them financially if they come under your sponsorship.

If you are an eligible Canadian permanent resident or citizen, then you can sponsor your family members or close relative and get them settled in Canada. Hence they will be able to enjoy the benefits of Canada, like studying, living and working in the province of Canada. They will also be able to apply for permanent resident with the required eligibility.

Eligible Relationships accepted by Canada for Sponsorship

·        Spouse

·        Common law partner

·        Conjugal partner

·        Dependent children

·        Parents and grandparents

·        Brothers, sisters and other family members.

How to become a sponsor?

·        18 years or older of age.

·        Live as permanent resident or citizen in Canada.

·        Should sign an agreement to be able to support the family financially.

·        In the province of Quebec, one should meet the requirements of Quebec Immigration.

Canada parent and grandparent sponsorship super visa

If you are a permanent resident or citizen, you have the right to sponsorship. Get the proof of relationship of your parents or grandparents in the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The parents and the grandparents should apply for extended visitors visa, which is also known as the super visa.

Super visa:

·        Can be renewed multiple time

·        Can live for 2 years without renewal from the date of issue.

·        The relatives can live up to 10 years.

·        But does not allow the right to work in Canada.

·        Short time for processing-8 weeks.

Eligibility Criteria for Super Visa:

Both the sponsor and the parent/grandparent have to fulfill the following criteria:

a.     To be a sponsor:

Ø Should be the child or grandchild of the sponsored person.

Ø Sign an agreement to support the family financially, during their stay in Canada.

Ø Should fit into the minimum income threshold as per the super visa. 

b.     Sponsored parent/grandparent:

Ø Should be a valid parent/grandparent of a Canadian citizen.

Ø Admissible to Canada.

Ø Physically and mentally fit.

Ø Should prove to the visa officer, of house, funds of own when back to the country.

Ø Medical clearance.

Ø Canadian medical insurance coverage of at least one year of stay.

Ø Good moral character.

 What is the minimum Income threshold?

This depends upon the number of family members you are living with, in Canada. Here is the list of Minimum Necessary Income (MNI):

Size of the Family Unit

Minimum Necessary


2 persons


3 persons


4 persons


5 persons


6 persons


7 persons


Each additional person


Spousal sponsor/Common Law/ Conjugal Partner

Spousal sponsorship is a sub-category program of the Canada family sponsorship. This enables the Canadian citizen to sponsor their spouse/partner for Permanent resident in Canada.

Both partners ought to produce a required valid relationship proof, with the following:

Ø Spouse

Ø Common law partner

Ø Conjugal partner

Spouse: if you are a spouse of a Canadian permanent citizen or resident, and married him/her, and the marriage is legal in your home country, then the Canadian government asks of you to show a proof of the marriage.

Common-Law Partner: This is on the view that, if you and your partner have been living with each other in a conjugal relationship, spent 12 years with each other, without gap, you are eligible to sponsor. All you need is to show the legal marriage certificate to the Canada high commission. 

Conjugal Partner: Under this category, those partners who are either of the same sex or opposite sex can apply. Canada recognizes same-sex marriage and it’s valid to sponsor.

Supportive documents for spousal sponsorship:

The document for the spousal sponsorship varies largely from cases to cases. The required documents are to be submitted to the immigration authorities when asked. Prepare your marriage certificate and other documents which make you spouse to each other. This the basic document for Spousal Sponsorship. For all the relevant document, you need to ask the immigration expert and they will guide you for the better.

Eligibility/Requirements for Canada Spousal Sponsorship

Both the spouse has to meet certain eligibility requirements for immigration to Canada.

To be Sponsor:

·        18 years of age.

·        Should have valid Canadian permanent resident or citizen.

·        Should not have been sponsored a spouse before in last 5 years.

·        Should not be in prison, bankrupt, under removal order, or charged with a serious offence.

To be sponsored person:

·        Above 16 years.

·        Must not be too closely related to your sponsor.

For spousal sponsorship one does not need a job offer to be in Canada. You may find out the methods and the options to be in Canada without a job offer.

Canada children sponsorship

The Dependent Child Sponsorship program of Canada enables you to sponsor your dependent child in Canada. There are great benefits which you child can enjoy, like living, studying, working in the province of Canada. 

To be a sponsor:

·        At least 18 years of age.

·        Should be a valid Canadian permanent resident or citizen.

·        Should not be in prison, bankrupt, under removal order, or charged with a serious offence.

 To become sponsored child:

·        Age under 19.

·        Should not have a spouse or common law partner.

·        Should have been full time student till the age to 19.

·        Financially dependent on parents.

·        Should be physically and mentally fit.

·        Biological child of the parents if not adopted.

·        Adopted legally by parents.

Immigration centre for Canada Family sponsorship

Immigration centre assists you with the whole process of family sponsorship program. You will be guided in the overall process of immigration to Canada. For many years we have been uniting families through Family Sponsorship, with great positive response. Get in touch with us and find your place into Family Sponsorship program.

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