Express Entry Step by Step Process and Processing Time

Express Entry is an online immigration application system introduced by IRCC. It is one of the fastest immigration programs for Canadian permanent residence. Under Express Entry, your PR visa processing takes approximately 6-8 months. It allows people to submit a profile and be considered as a skilled immigrant. Candidates with the highest rankings are invited to apply for permanent residency.

It is easy to manage and select applicants for PR Visa residents under the following three programs:

·        The Federal Skilled Worker Program

·        The Federal Skilled Trade Program

·        The Canadian Experience Class

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has broadly classified Canada PR process into stages:

STEP 1: Create an Express Entry Profile

Fill up the express entry profile with the require information.

Register yourself with job bank of Canada for employment.

Wait for the ITA in the express entry pool along with other potential applicants.

STEP 2: Apply for Permanent Residence

Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Within 60 days of invitation apply for Canada PR Visa.


While you apply for PR visa under Express Entry system there are also small immigration steps that are required to be fulfilled. Therefore, check below mentioned step-by-step time division for the immigration process:

Visit the Canada government website, read and research about the eligibility criteria for express entry programs, Express Entry pool, Invitation to apply, round of invitations, documents required and the PR Canada Visa processing time etc. These are the basic formation and guide, you should be aware of before applying for Canada PR under the Federal Skilled programs.

Applying for a Canada PR visa can be days, months or even years. Therefore the amount of time taken will be upon you.

To ensure your eligibility, this is the first stage technically for anyone of the programs under Federal Immigration programs-Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trade Program and Canadian Experience Class

You can find your National Occupation Classification (NOC)code for the occupation NOC O, A or B listed on CIC websites. You can check within a day or two and decide your NOC code.

For most of the countries, you need to take language assessment test. For Canada Express Entry you need to score IELTS 6 bands to be eligible in each of the reading, speaking, listening and hearing. Better your marks are, the more easy to migrate Canada. IELTS test results takes around 12-13 days of time duration.

At the same, you require to get your educational qualification assessed by the relevant assessing authority. Whether your educational degree is equivalent to Canadian education standards or not an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is done. For ECA reports take almost 2-3 months.

After satisfying the above requirements, you must create an express entry profile online and mention your key credentials like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability. The express entry profile is created in approximately 20-25 minutes.

You can now create an express entry profile online only after you have met the above requirements. Fill the credential such as age, educational qualification, language ability, work experience and adaptability. To create express entry profile, it takes a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

After providing the requirement credentials in the Express Entry profile, you will be placed in the Express Entry pool where there are number of other potential applicants. You be ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking system and you have to wait for the next express entry draw to happen. After every 15-20 days draws are conducted, visit our website and check the latest Express Entry draw 2018 here.

After you are selected in the next express entry draw, then Invitation to Apply (ITA) will be sent.  Within 60 days, accept IRA and apply Canada PR. Your time limit to apply is 60 days, if you fail to do in 60 days your application will be considered as invalid after which, you need to start your PR process again.

Get along all the documents required for checklist with ITA which you need to submit within 60 days.  Pay the fees along with the application. After having submitted your final document, you need to wait for at least 3-4 monthsfrom the immigration department of Canada.After all the process, is cleared you will need 10-15 days for passport stamping and other procedures.

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