British Columbia Provincial nominees program

The British Columbia provincial nominee program offers to those who want to live, work and contribute in the province, under various categories. The economy is based on natural resources. British Columbia is in the westernmost province of Canada. British Columbia is an economic immigration program is designed to attract and retain foreign workers and entrepreneurs. This is for the high-demand occupations in BC, under skills immigration and entrepreneur immigration streams.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) offers the immigrants with high skills, experience and want to get hired by the British Columbian employers. This is one of the fastest processes of immigration program of Canada. With all the skills and experiences, the British Columbia employers are ready to offer you.

Here are the lists of BCPNP immigration options:

a.     Skills immigration

Ø Skilled worker category

Ø Health care professional category

Ø International Graduate category

Ø International post Graduate Category

Ø Entry level and Semi-skilled worker category 

b.     Entrepreneur immigration

Ø Entrepreneur category

Ø Strategic projects category

Requirements and Eligibility of BCPNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program)

Skilled worker Category:

Candidates with job offer from the BC employer and possess job experience required by the employer and have the required job experiences can immigrate to BC under this category.

Eligibility requirements:

The required minimum eligibility ought to be maintained by the skilled workers:

Ø Should have an offer letter from the BC employer.

Ø Should have 2 years of experience in the job applied.

Ø Should satisfy the employer in the performance of all the duties given.

Ø Should be legally eligible to migrate to BC

Ø Should meet the minimum language requirement for NOC B occupation. 

Health care professional:

This category is for the individual with experience and eligible job offer, such as physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses or allied health professionals.

Eligibility requirements:

The candidate under this category should maintain the following eligibility criteria:

a.     Should have job offer letter from a public health authority, namely:

Ø Physician

Ø Specialist

Ø Registered nurse

Ø Registered Psychiatric nurse

Ø Nurse practitioner

Ø An allied health professional

Ø Should manifest the ability of support oneself. 

b.     Should meet the minimum language requirement wherever necessary.

c.      The offered amount should meet the standard wages rate card of BC.

d.     Should have 2 years of experience in the offered job.

International Graduate Category:

Those candidates, who have studied and obtained graduate degree/certificate in Canada in past three years, can apply under this category. The candidate should support it with a valid job offer. 

Eligibility requirements:

To be eligible under this category, you should meet the following requirements:

Ø The candidate has been accepted for a full-time job offer from the BC employer.

Ø The desired job title must be in NOC matrix.

Ø Should qualify for the hob requirements required by the employer.

Ø Should have at the minimum score in the language proficiency test.

Ø Should possess a legal status to move to BC. 

International Post-Graduate Category:

Under this category those candidates who have a Masters or Doctoral degree from the BC University or College can apply. Here there is no need of a job letter from the BC employer.

Eligibility requirements:

A candidate should have the following requirements:

Ø Should meet the minimum qualification of the occupation.

Ø Should have the basic funds to settle down in BC.

Ø Should obtain minimum score in the language proficiency, for this a candidate has to score 4.5 in IELTS or CLB-4 in language test.

Ø The candidate must have an intention to live and contribute to BC’ economy.

Ø No language test results is required for the occupation classified as NOC level O or A.

Ø The occupation should fall under one of these:

a.     Agriculture

b.     Biological and biomedical sciences

c.      Computer and information sciences and support services

d.     Engineering

e.     Engineering technology

f.       Health professionals and related clinical sciences

g.     Mathematics and statistics

h.     Natural resources conservation and research

i.        Physical sciences.

Semi-skilled and entry level category:

Following are the requirements if you want to settle down in British Columbia with semi-skilled and entry level category.

Ø Should have at least 9 months of consecutive work experience in one of the following industries: tourism and hospitality, long-haul trucking or food processing.

Ø Must maintain a full-time employment with your employers throughout the process of getting both your BC PNP and PR applications.

Ø Long-haul trucker drivers should have 2 years of employment experience.

Ø Should have completed high school.

British Columbia Express Entry

Through the process of Express entry, the British Columbia nominates the experienced and potential candidates. Just create an express entry profile and manifest your interest for BC. If you are already nominated under the British Columbia PNP, create a new express entry profile and then transfer your BC PNP credentials in your EE profile.

However, before you apply for the BC express entry, ensure to obtain all the required eligibility criteria. Here are the lists of BC PNP categories which are aligned with the federal governments’ express entry system.

Ø Skilled worker category

Ø Health care professional category

Ø International graduate category

Ø International Post-graduate category

British Columbia PNP Documents checklist of skilled worker

You need to have and submit all the required documents to the British Columbia government on time and when asked, for skilled worker.

The best of options is to get a list of the document ready, before being asked. Here is the list of documents required to prepare for the immigration process for applying skilled worker.

Ø A written offer of employment on official company letterhead is required from your employer.

Ø Proof of supporting oneself, or have any dependants.

Ø Should have valid passport and traveling documents.

Ø Documents in support your legal status for immigration in Canada.

Ø Reference letters of the work

Ø Result of language proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL)

Ø Police certificate and clearance.

Ø Civil identity proof (age, name, date of birth)

British Columbia PNP Point Calculator

What is skills Immigration registration system (SIRS) calculator?

To facilitate the smooth functioning of the BC PNP, the provincial government has designed a scoring system which evaluated profile of the candidates. This scoring system calculates the scores on the basis of entered credentials by the candidate. It was launched on 27, January 2016.

The score as per this scoring system is obtained from age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability. Being a process of score, the applicants get the scores from the information provided while making their online profile. Thereafter, the candidate enters in the pool along with other candidates in the application process.

The BC PNP performs draws periodically and the candidates get the invitation to apply for provincial Nomination through different streams in the BC PNP.

British Columbia PNP Processing Time

The processing time of BC PNP is the fastest in comparison to all the other PNP of Canada. The processing time is subject to the number of application the federal government receives. The processing time over the years has increased considerably.

The estimated processing time for BC PNP is 2-4 months, since its submission.  The time is subject to change.

Before applying, you need to consider that different processing time each stream has.

Ø Skills immigration and express entry BC: 2-3 months.

Ø Entrepreneur Immigration:

1st stage: 6 weeks

2nd stage: 4 months

How to apply for British Columbia PNP

For immigration British Columbia is one of the wonderful places. The list of living and working options are great in this place. While applying for BC PNP, you need to consider a lot of points. The recommended option would be to get an expert who will help on the submission of the profile and getting your Canada Permanent Residency easy and less complicated.

With Immigration Centre, we are well informed of all the changes and will help you to get the best program as per your requirements. You will have the assurance to get the process completed with outmost competence and smooth.

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